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February 14, 2023 Current Affairs covers only the important topics for examination.

Current Affairs Today 2023 pdf

This Current Affairs Today 2023 Section provides the latest and Best Daily Current Affairs of 2023 for UPSC, IAS/PCS, Banking, IBPS, SSC, Railway, UPPSC, RPSC, BPSC, MPPSC, TNPSC, MPSC, KPSC, and other competitive exams.

 1.       Which day is celebrated as International Darwin Day?

Ans:- 12 February

Detail Info:-

Darwin Day is a celebration to commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin on 12 February 1809. The day is used to highlight Darwin’s contributions to science and to promote science in general. Darwin Day is celebrated around the world.

Key Point:-

  • Charles Darwin is well known for his work “The Theory of Natural Selection“.
  • Charles Darwin published his bookOn the Origin of Species” in 1859.
  • Charles Darwin died in 1882 and was buried in Westminster Abbey in London.

 2.    The ‘Black Galaxy’ or Invisible Gallery’ was recently discovered by which country?

Ans:- Italy

Detail Info:-

The ‘Black Galaxy‘ is compact and has a large amount of interstellar dust. Recently, researchers from Italy found and characterized it using the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array.

 3.      Which country has launched a ‘Sniffing Robot’ to detect diseases and improve security check?

Ans:- Israel

Detail Info:-

Scientists from Israel have developed a sniffing robot which is equipped with a biological sensor. The robot uses the antennae of a locust to diagnose disease and improve security checks. Locusts smell with their antennae. The scientists will use the locust’s antennae to hone the computer’s scent detection abilities.

 4.    Which day is observed as “National Women’s Day”?

Ans:- 13 February

Detail Info:-

National Women’s Day is observed on February 13 every year. The day marks the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu. She was a political activist, poet, and proponent of civil rights. She also played a vital role in India’s independence from British rule.

Key Points:-

  • Sarojini Naidu is also known as the ‘Nightingale of India‘.
  • Some famous books of Sarojini Naidu are The Golden Threshold (1905), The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring (1912), The Broken Wing: Songs of Love, Death & the Spring (1917), The Sceptered Flute: Songs of India (1917), The Feather of the Dawn (1961)

 5.    Which day is celebrated as World Radio Day?

Ans:- 13 February

Detail Info:-

World Radio Day is celebrated every year on February 13 to mark the important role that radio plays in our lives and in society.

Key Point:-

  • On Nov 3, 2011, UNESCO declared February 13 as World Radio Day because on this day United Nations Radio was first established in 1946.
  • Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi (pictured at right) first developed the idea of a radio, or wireless telegraph, in the 1890s.
  • The theme for World Radio Day 2023 is “Radio and Peace“.

 6.    What is the name of 1st Indian space mission to observe the Sun?

Ans:- Aditya-L1

Detail Info:-

India’s First Mission to Study the Sun, Aditya-L1, will be Launched by June-July by ISRO.

Key points:-

  • Aditya is a Sanskrit word that means Sun.
  • Full form of ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization.
  • Chairman of ISRO: K. Sivan.

 7.    Who scored the highest in the list of “World’s most brilliant” students?

Ans:-   Natasha Perianayagam

Detail info:-

Indian-American schoolgirl Natasha Perianayagam scored the highest in the list of “world’s brightest“. Perianayagam is  13 old student at Florence M Gaudineer Middle School, in New Jersey.

 8.    First Sundarban Bird Festival was held in which state?

Ans:- West Bengal

Detail Info:-

145 bird species were sighted at the first Sundarban Bird Festival. The two-day event recorded 5,065 birds, including the threatened Eurasian Curlew. The habitats face threats such as plantation activity, illegal activities, and climate change, and the Sundarbans need protection as part of the Central Asian Flyway. The festival provides baseline data on the number of bird species in the area.

Key Point:-

  • It is known for its mangrove forests, which are home to the Bengal tiger, as well as saltwater crocodiles and a diverse range of bird species.
  • The Sundarbans are also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve.
  • The Sundarbans is a delta located in Bangladesh and India at the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers.

 9.    Who was awarded with UNESCO peace prize?

Ans:-  Mrs Angela Merkel

Detail info:-

For her assistance to refugees in Germany, former German chancellor Angela Merkel was awarded the UNESCO peace prize.

 10.    On which day Sarhul festival will be celebrated?

Ans:- 24 March

Detail Info:-

Sarhul festival is celebrated every year on Chaitra Shukla Tritiya, the third moon day falling in the month of Chaitra. It is celebrated in Jharkhand.

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