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The Eyes Have It MCQ Question Answer: Here we are going to discuss some most Important MCQ Question Answers from The Eyes Have It by Ruskin BondThe Eyes Have It is the first short story in the syllabus of class 12 WBCHSE.MCQ Question Answer from The Eyes Have It can help you to improve your score/marks in English subject. Our primary focus is to bring you only the important MCQ Question Answer from The Eyes Have It, frequently asked in the final exam.

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Most Important MCQs from The Eyes Have It


 1.      The girl who into the train was seen off by her –

(a) friends (b) relatives (c) parents (d) aunt

 2.     The writer likes the sound of the girl’s –

(a) hair (b) walking (c) voice (d) None of the above

 3.     From Dehra, Ruskin Bond was going to –

(a) Mussoorie (b) Rohana (c) a hill station (d) Saharanpur

 4.      According to the narrator the best time for visiting hills is –

(a) September (b) October (c) November (d) December

 5.     The co-passenger who boarded the train at Saharanpur, noticed the girl’s –

(a) face (b) hair (c) dress (d) eyes

 6.     The blind girl said that she loved the –

(a) trees (b) animals (c) hills  (d) forest

 7.    The passenger who got into the train at Saharanpur broke into the narrator’s –

(a) reverie (b) imagination (c) seat (d) room

 8.     In October hills are covered with –

(a) Lillies (b) Dahlias  (c) Roses (d) Daisies

 9.     According to the blind narrator –

(a) few girls can resist flattery  (b) all girls like flattery (c) no girl likes flattery (d) all girls can resist flattery

 10.     The eyes of the narrator were sensitive to –

(a) light (b) shadows (c) light and darkness  (d) darkness

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 11.     According to the narrator, aunts are usually –

(a) formidable creature  (b) amiable at heart (c) friendly (d) repelling

 12.     The _____ lingered after the girl left –

(a) shadow (b) memory (c) footmark (d) the scent of the perfume

 13.     The narrator could not see the girl’s face because –

(a) the girl was in different coach (b) he was stone blind (c) the girl kept her face covered (d) the narrator’s vision was only sensitive to light and darkness

 14.     The couple who came to see the girl off were –

(a) sorry about her journey (b) worried about her comfort (c) angry at her condition (d) disappoint at her blindness

 15.     Even the sound made out of the girl’s____ was beautiful to the narrator’s ears –

(a) bangles (b) ringing laugh (c) slippers (d) heartbeat

 16.     “Aunts are usually formidable creatures” ̶ The meaning of the word ‘formidable’ is –

(a) capable (b) moveable (c) dreadful  (d) charitable

 17.   The scent of the perfume of the girl’s hair was  –

(a)  tantalizing  (b) pleasant  (c)  attractive  (d) repeling

 18.    The narrator said that the girl had  –

(a)  an intriguing face  (b) an attractive face  (c)  an interesting face  (d) an amusing face

 19.   The girl’s voice had the spark of –

(a)  stars  (b) ripples  (c)  mountain stream  (d) diamonds

 20.   According to the narrator few girls can resist  –

(a)  flattery  (b) laughter  (c)  gifts  (d) mockery

 21.   The narrator had the compartment to himself up to –

(a)  Saharanpur (b) Dehradun  (c)  Rohana  (d) Mussoorie

 22.   The girl could not see the narrator because  –

(a)  the compartment was dark  (b) she was blind  (c)  the narrator sat in a dark corner  (d) there was a crowd

 23.    The girl’s hair was  –

(a)  tied in a bun  (b) tied in a braid  (c)  cut short  (d) sweet-smelling

 24.   We and the narrator come to know that the girl was blind  –

(a)  at the starting of the story  (b) at the end of the story  (c)  in the middle of the story  (d) as soon as the girl starts speaking

 25.    The thought of laughter would make the narrator feel –

(a)  troubled  (b) lonely  (c)  troubled and lonely  (d) sad and lonely

 26.  The narrator is considered to be lucky by the girl because he –

(a)  was blind  (b) had a blind co-passenger  (c)  had an interesting co-passenger  (d)  was going to Mussoorie

 27.  The girl was tired of people telling her, she had –

(a)  an interesting face  (b) beautiful eyes  (c)  a pretty face  (d) a beautiful face

 28.  In October hills are covered with –

(a)  Lillies  (b) Dahlias  (c)  Roses  (d) Daisies

 29.  There was some confusion  –

(a)  on the platform  (b)  near the ticket counter  (c)  in the doorway  (d) in the next compartment

 30.  The girl could not bear to seat in a train for more than –

(a)  four or five hours (b) two or three hours (c)  three or four hours (d) five or six-hour

 31.   According to the narrator, the high pitched female voice must have belonged to the girl’s  –

(a)  sister  (b) mother  (c)  friend   (d) aunt

 32.  “But her next question removed my doubts”̶ The next question was  –

(a)  where are you going?  (b) what is it like outside?  (c)  why don’t you look out of the window?  (d) do you see any animals?


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