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Asleep in the Valley by Arthur Rimbaud

Asleep in the Valley Question and Answer 

“Asleep in the Valley”, originally named “Le Dormeur du Va” is one of the very popular poems of a French poet name Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud aka Arthur Rimbaud. Here we have discussed some of the frequently asked Questions and Answers from Asleep in the Valley.



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Asleep in the Valley Question and Answer
Asleep in the Valley Poem
Asleep in the valley question answer class 12
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Asleep in the Valley Question and Answer 


 1.    Justify the title of the poem “Asleep in the Valley”.

Ans:The title of the poem “Asleep in the Valley” is ironic. Here the irony lies in the word ‘asleep’ because the soldier is not actually sleeping.  The soldier is a victim of war and he is dead because of the two bullet injuries visible on his side. The poem begins with a sense of beauty but it ends with a shocking discovery of a dead soldier lying open-mouthed in the valley. The soldier’s sleep is the eternal sleep of death. On the other hand ‘valley’ may have been presented as a significant source of life. Thus, the contrast between these two words exposes the futility of war. So the title of the poem “Asleep in the Valley” is appropriate.


 2.    Discuss the central idea of the poem “Asleep in the Valley”.

Ans: – The poem “Asleep in the Valley” belongs to the genre of anti-war poems. A soldier is found asleep in a valley, covered with grass. The sun shines brightly in the valley. The young soldier is lying open-mouthed under the sky. He looks pale but has an innocent smile. However, the soldier is actually dead, and tow red holes are seen on his side. The valley, filled with light and bubbling with life is presented in sharp contrast with the dead soldier. The unfortunate death comes as a shock. The shock gives the reader a feeling that even nature cannot protect people from the harmful effects of wars. In this poem, the poet shows a sense of anxiety that is experienced by the poet himself.

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  3.     Describe the small Valley as you find it in Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Asleep in the Valley”.

Ans:- Arthur Rimbaud in his poem “Asleep in Valley” gives a beautiful description of a small valley. The whole valley looks very beautiful and bright as the sunlight fills up the place. Planty of green ferns have grown there. There are also lots of varieties of flowers and various species of insects flying over them. A small shallow stream is also presented there which flows along the valley. On the other hand, Arthur has also shown a young soldier lying there peacefully putting his hands on his chest. The soldier seems to have the smile of an innocent child. In almost the entire poem the poet is busy describing the beauty of the valley. But in the end, he gives the reader a shocking image by describing the innocent soldier as dead by the two red holes on his side.



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