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Thank You Ma’am Question Answer for Board Students of Class 12:

In this article, we have brought ‘Thank You Ma’am’ Question Answer for Board Students of Class 12. We have come with a collection of the most common Descriptive Type Questions from ‘Thank You Ma’am that often occurs in board examinations. We have gone through possibly all books that are available in the market and have come up with these sets of Important Long  Question Answer From ‘Thank You Ma’am’ which are totally unique from the regular notes and we are providing free  PDF   Download also. These notes may work as a score-booster for your upcoming exam.

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 1.  Justify the title of the story “Thank You Ma’am”?
Ans:  Langston Huges’ short story “Thank You Ma’am” is based on the motherly behavior of a large woman, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones for a young boy named Roger. Roger tried to snatch Mrs. Jones’ purse and was caught by her. Instead of taking him to the police station, Mrs. Jones took him to her home. She made him wash his dirty face and offered some food. She also gave him ten dollars to buy shoes and a piece of wise advice to behave and not to commit such a thing further. The motherly love of Mrs. Jones changed the attitude of the boy. He was also moved by the kindness of the woman. It was Mrs. Jones who saved Roger from becoming a criminal and he understood it very. So, while departing from Jones’ house, he wanted to express his gratitude but at that moment he could only say ‘Thank you’. So keeping it in mind we can say that the title is appropriate. 


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 2. Sketch the character of Mrs. Jones as presented in the short story “Thank You Ma’am”?
Ans:  Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is the protagonist of the short story “Thank You Ma’am”. She is a large woman who works at a hotel beauty shop. She has been presented as an affectionate woman. She catches Roger when he is trying to snatch her purse. But she feels pity for him and instead of taking him to jail, she takes him to her house. She makes him wash his dirty face and offers some cake and cocoa to eat. She understands that it is not a crime that he has done. So, she gives him ten dollars to buy the shoes. She also teaches him not to snatch a purse further and advises him to behave well. She shows motherly love for Roger and her unconditional love moves him.


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