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Leela’s Friend -Important Short Questions with answers for Class XI -WBCHSE- Final Exam:

Here we are going to discuss some Most Important Short Question Answers from Leela’s Friend. Leela’s Friend is one of the most popular short stories by R.K. Narayan. Short Question Answer from Leela’s Friend can help you to improve your score/marks in English subject. Our primary focus is to bring you ‘to the point’ SAQs from Leela’s Friend in very simple English.


Topics we have covered in this article:


  • Important Short Question Answer from “Leela’s Friend”.
  • Most Important SAQs from “Leela’s Friend” for the board exam.
  • SAQs from “Leela’s Friend” for Class 11.
  • Extra Short Question Answer from Leela’s Friend”.


 1.    Who is the author of the short story “Leela’s Friend”?
Ans:  K Narayan Is the author of the short story “Leela’s Friend“.

 2.    Where is the short story “Leela’s Friend” taken from?
Ans:  The short story “Leela’s Friend” is taken from “Malgudi Days“.

 3.    What was Sidda doing when he first appeared in the story?
Ans:  Sidda was hanging about at the gate of Mr Sivasanker’s house when he first appeared in the story.

 4.    Who was Sidda?
Ans:  Sidda was the newly appointed domestic servant and a playmate of little Leela of Mr Sivasanker’s house.

 5.    Where did Sidda work previously?

Ans:   When Sidda was asked where he used to work before he replied that he used to work in a doctor’s house near the market

 6.    Why did Sidda leave the old master’s house?

Ans:   Sidda left the old master’s house because they left the town.

 7.    Who is Leela?
Ans:  Leela is the five-year-old daughter of Mr and Mrs Sivasanker.

 8.    What was Mr Sivasanker’s first impression of Sidda?
Ans:  The first impression Mr SIvsanker had about Sidda was that he didn’t seem to be a bad sort and looked tidy.

 9.    What was Sidda’s reply when he was asked where he used to work before?
Ans:  When Mr Sivasanker asked Sidda where he used to work before, Sidda gave a stock reply that he used to work in a doctor’s house near the market indicating a vague somewhere.

 10.    On what issue was Mr Sivasanker brooding over?
Ans:  Mr Sivasanker was brooding over the servant problem.

 11.    When did Sidda indicate vague somewhere?
Ans:  When Mr Sivasanker asked Sidda, “Where were you before?” ; Sidda indicated vague somewhere.

 12.    What did Mr Sivasanker do when he was unable to make up his mind?
Ans:  When Mr Sivavanker was unable to make up his mind whether he should keep Sidda or not he would call his wife to help him out.

 13.    “He doesn’t seem to me worse…” who doesn’t seem worse to whom? 

Ans:   Sidda who came in a search of a job doesn’t seem worse to Mr Sivasanker.

 14.    What work Sidda had to do in the house of Mr Sivasanker’s house?

Ans:   Sidda’s had to run errands, chop woods, tend the garden, wash clothes at Mr. Sivasamker’s house but his primary work was to look after Leela. 

 15.    What was Sidda given for his service at the house of  Mr Sivasanker?

Ans:   In return, Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month for his service at Mr Sivasanker’s house. 

 16.    “Certainly it is”- About what was the speaker certain? 

Ans:   Here the speaker Sidda was certain that the moon is wet.

 17.    “Now come with me” Who asked whom to come with?

Ans:   Sidda the newly appointed domestic servant at the house Mr Sivasanker called Leela, their five-year-old daughter to come with.

 18.    How, according to Sidda, could Leela touch the sky?

Ans:   According to Sidda, if Leela stands on a coconut tree,  she can touch the sky.

 19.    How many letters of the English alphabet did Leela know?

Ans:   Leela knew only two or three letters of the English alphabet.


 20.    What did Sidda do to seek relief from Leela’s class?

Ans:   To seek relief from Leela’s class Sidda would tell her that her mother was calling her in for dinner.

 21.    “It gave her great joy”- what is referred to as ‘it’ in this line?

Ans:   Here ‘it’ refers to Leela’s playing as a teacher to Sidda. 


 22.    What kind of story did Sidda tell Leela?

Ans:   After dinner when Leela went to bed Sidda used to tell her stories of animals in the jungle, of gods in heaven, of magicians who could conjure up golden castles and fill them with little princesses and their pets.

 23.    What was there in the box of Leela?

Ans:   There were catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils Leela’s box.

 24.    Why was Sidda arrested?

Ans:   Sidda was arrested on suspicion of stealing Leela’s gold chain.

 25.    Where did Lela’s mother find the gold chain?

Ans:   Leela’s mother found the gold chain in a tamarind pot.


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