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Jimmy Valentine Question and Answer : Important 5 marks long question answers from ‘Jimmy Valentine‘ have been discussed in this article.  Today the competition in WBCHSE board exam for Class 11 and 12 is very high. Everyone is trying to get more marks than others. So we have come with a collection of the most common Descriptive Type Questions from ‘Jimmy Valentine’ that often occur in board examinations, especially in WBCHSE. We have gone through possibly all books that are available in the market and have come up with these sets of important Descriptive type  Question Answer From ‘Jimmy Valentine’ which are totally unique from the regular notes and we are providing free  PDF   Download  also. These note may work as a score-booster for your upcoming exam.
 3.     Compare the characters of Jimmy Valentine and Ralph D. Spencer.
 Ans:   Jimmy Valentine and Ralph D Spenser are the two names of the same person at different phases of life. Though the phases of life are of the same person, they are different in their characteristics. Jimmy Valentine is an infamous safe-cracker while Ralph D Spenser is a successful businessman. Ralph D Spenser is a generous gentleman who saves the life of a little girl named Agatha. Whereas, Jimmy cracks safes to rob others’ property. At the end of the story, the difference is clearly stated by the act of Ben Price of letting Jimmy go away. It is the same person whom Ben Price once arrested for his criminal activities, now forgives him for his life-saving work. In fact, Ralph D Spenser is the reformed man who takes birth from the ashes of Jimmy Valentine. The lovebird named Anable Adam plays a significant role in Jimmy’s transformation into Ralph D Spenser.


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 4.     “He’s resumed his business…” – Who is the speaker and whom does he refer to? What business has he resumed?
Ans:   The speaker is Ben Price, who plays the role of a detective officer in O’ Henry’s short story ‘Jimmy Valentine’. Here Ben refers to Jimmy Valentine – a notorious safe-cracker.   

We see Jimmy in a prison at the very first beginning of the story. The story deals with two different times of Jimmy’s life – the first as a safe-cracker and the second as a successful businessman. In the first part of the story, Jimmy has been presented as a skilled safe-cracker. He has been sent to jail for his job of burglary by Ben Price. After spending ten months of four years imprisonment, Jimmy gets released. Within a week of Jimmy’s release, three incidents of burglary have been reported. The responsibility of finding the criminal behind these incidents comes upon Ben Price. Ben Price quickly confirms figuring out the patterns that it is Jimmy who is behind all these. This job of burglary of Jimmy is referred to as ‘business’ and Jimmy has resumed this business.



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