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Important 6 mark question answers from ‘The Proposal‘ have been discussed in this article.  Today the competition in WBCHSE board exam for Class 11 and 12 is very high. Everyone is trying to get more marks than others. So we have come with a collection of the most common Descriptive Type Questions from ‘The Proposal’ that often occur in board examinations, especially in WBCHSE. We have gone through possibly all books that are available in the market and have come up with these sets of important Descriptive Question Answer From ‘The Proposal’ which are totally unique from the regular notes and we are providing free  PDF Download  also. These note may work as a score-booster for your upcoming exam

 1.     Justify the title of the play ‘The Proposal’.

Ans:   In literature, the title has always been one of the important elements. The main focus of Anton Chekhov’s one-act play falls on a marriage proposal and all the characters are somehow influenced by it. Lomov, a middle-aged man, has come to the house of a neighbouring landlord Chubukov with a marriage proposal for his daughter, Natalya. As the play goes on, it is revealed that the marriage is not only important to Lomov alone but to Natalya and Chubukov as well. But the problem is that the marriage can not be done due to their argumentative nature. However, after many arguments, the proposal of marriage has successfully been accepted because of Chubukov’s presence of mind. So keeping in mind the spirit of the play, it can be said that the title, ‘The Proposal’ is appropriate.

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 2.     Describe the social background of the one-act play ‘The Proposal’. 


Ans:   Anton’s one-act play ‘The Proposal’ holds up a typical feudal society of contemporary Russia. This type of society does not give any value to personal desire or emotion. This type of society has a strong tendency to pass on its worn-out conventions to the next generation. In this society, marriage is not only a means to maintain social status but also economic stability. Chubukov considers his daughter as a liability. The society portrayed in the play is mainly agrarian. It finds entertainment in drinking wine and hunting. Thus the play has been very successful in presenting a very vivid picture of the countryside of then Russia.


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