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Jimmy Valentine’ by O. Henry is  a very popular short story. It has been taken in the syllabus of Class XI, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Nowadays SAQs or one (1) mark question has a very significant role in scoring high in the final examination. In this article, we are going to discuss some very important Short Answer Question from ‘Jimmy Valentine’. Our priority is to provide unique and point Question Answer from ‘Jimmy Valentine’. This may work as a score booster for your upcoming examination. We provide this absolutely free with a downloadable free  PDF file. 


 1.    What did Jimmy’s suit-case contain?
Ans:  Jimmy’s suitcase contains his own made tools of burglary such as – drills, clamps, punches, brace etc.

 2.    Where did Jimmy keep his suitcase?
Ans:  Jimmy kept his suitcase inside a panel in the wall

 3.    What was the cost of Jimmy’s tools?
Ans:  The cost of Jimmy’s tools was over nine hundred (900) dollars

 4.    Why and for how many years was Jimmy sent to prison?
Ans:  Jimmy was sent to prison for ten years for his work of burglary in Springfield.

 5.    What was Jimmy’s number in jail?
Ans:  In jail, Jimmy’s number was 9762.

 6.    What did the clerk at the prison give Jimmy?
Ans:  The clerk at the prison gave Jimmy Valentine a railroad ticket and five dollars.

 7.    What did Jimmy find on the floor of his room?
Ans:  When Jimmy came back to his room from the jail he found the collar-button of the detective’s shirt on the floor of his room

 8.    What is the original title of the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’?
Ans:  The original name of O. Henry’s short story ‘Jimmy Valentine‘ is ‘A Retrieved Reformation’.

 9.    Who is Cronin in the short story ‘Jimmy Valentine’?
Ans:  Cronin is a guard of the prison in O. Henry’s short story ‘Jimmy Valentine‘.

 10.    Where and when did Jimmy want to meet his friend Pal?
Ans:  Jimmy wanted to meet his friend Pal at Sullivan’s place in Little Rock, next Wednesday night at nine o’clock.

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 11.    Why did Jimmy want to meet Pal?
Ans:  Jimmy wished to meet Pal for the last time because he wanted to wind up some matters and to give him his tool as a gift.

 12.     “She is an angel” – Who is referred to as ‘she’?
Ans:  Here ‘she’ refers to Annabel Adam who is the daughter of Mr Adam and going to marry Spenser within a couple of days.

 13.     “He lounged about the town in his quiet way…”- Whom does ‘he’ refer to here?
Ans:  Here ‘he’ refers to Ben Price, the detective officer who sent Jimmy into the jail for ten years.

 14.     “Going to marry the banker’s daughter are you, Jimmy?”- Who said this and to whom?
Ans:  Here The above-mentioned statement was said by Ben Price,  the detective officer. He said it to himself.

 15.     Who was Mike Donal?
Ans:  Mike Donal is one of Jimmy’s friends, who is the owner of a cafe-bar. 

 16.     What business did Jimmy start in Elmore city?
Ans:  Jimmy started a shoe-business in Elmore city.

 17.     What was the name of the hotel where Jimmy booked his room in Elmore city?
Ans:  The name of the hotel where Jimmy booked his room in Elmore city was Planter’s Hotel.

 18.     What is ‘bull-pen’ point?
Ans:  The ‘bull-pen’ is an area in the basketball field in which the players practise throwing.

 19.     What was the first thing Jimmy do after he got released from jail?
Ans:  After getting released from jail, Jimmy ignored the birds, the waving of the trees and the smell of the flowers and went straight to a restaurant where he tasted the first sweet of joys of liberty in the shape of a broiled chicken, a bottle chicken and a cigar.

 20.     Where was the first work of burglary done after Jimmy’s release?
Ans:  After Jimmy’s release tye first work of burglary was done at Richmond, Indiana.


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