Karma Question and Answer | Justification of Title | Character of Lady Lal | Class XI – WBCHSE | Set – 2

Karma by Khushwant Singh Questions and Answers:

Karma by Khushwant Sigh is one of a very popular short stories. It has been taken in the syllabus of Class XI, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Students from WBCHSE board often find it essayer to attempt questions final examination. In this article, we are going to discuss some very important Descriptive type question answers from Karma. Our priority is to provide unique and to the point Question Answer from Karma. This may work as a score booster for your upcoming examination. We provide this absolutely free with the downloadable free  PDF file. 



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 3.     Justify the title of the short story ‘Karma’ by Khushwant Singh.

Ans:  In literature title has always been one of the most important elements. Khuswant Singh’s short story ‘Karma’ describes two completely different characters of Sir Mohan Lal and his wife Lachmi. The Word ‘karma’ has been derived from Sanskrit which means the ultimate consequence of one’s action – good or in bad.
Karma by Khuswant Singh is an account of Sir Mohan Lal and his better half Lachmi and as they are treated by their fate. In this story, Sir Mohan admires British culture and manners to such an extinct that he even hates his Indian wife who can neither communicate in English nor can pursue British manners. At the end of the story, Sir Mohan is humiliated by two British soldiers whom he considers to be his fellow traveller. While his wife, Lachmi on the other side, makes a peaceful journey in her inter-class Zenana Compartment.
At the story, Mohan Lal gets his punishment for his fake pride in British culture and manners. On the other hand, his wife, Lachmi, enjoys a peaceful journey. In this way, the title sings in an ideal tune with the soul of the story.


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 4.     Describe the character of Lady Lal as presented in the ‘Karma’. 

Ans:  Lady Lal or Lachmi is one of the two main characters of Khushwant Singh’s short story ‘Karma’. She has been presented as exactly the opposite of Sir Mohan Lal. She is a typical Indian woman who feels like a fish without water in the company of the British and Anglicized Indians. She is short in size and fat in physic. She appears to be in a dirty white sari wearing some golden ornaments and a diamond ring on her nose. In Khushwant’s short story Lady Lal first appears to be sitting on a steel trunk on the railway platform. She is a little fond of gossiping which is evident in her chatting first with the bearer and then with the coolie. Unlike Sir Mohan Lal she prefers to travel in the Zenana-interclass compartment with other fellow Indian travelers. She is also neglected by her own husband because of her illiteracy. 

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