Leela’s Friend Question and Answer | All Important 5 Marks Question Answer- PDF Download | Set-4

Leela’s Friend Question and Answer

Important 5 mark question answers from Leela’s Friend have been discussed in this article.  Today the competition in WBCHSE board exam for Class 11 and 12 is very high. Everyone is trying to get more marks than others. So we have come with a collection of the most common Descriptive Type Questions from Leela’s Friend that often occur in board examinations, especially in WBCHSE. We have gone through possibly all books that are available in the market and have come up with these sets of important Descriptive Question Answer From Leela’s Friend which are totally unique from the regular notes and we are providing free  PDF Download  also. These notes may work as a score-booster for your upcoming exam.

 7.     List the ways in which Sidda’s company makes Leela supremely happy.

Ans:  There are lots of things about Sidda which makes Leela supremely happy. It had always been the availability of Sidda to Leela to play with which made Leela cling to Sidda. Sidda never refused Leela to play with her rather he was always ready to play with her whenever she called him to play with the red ball. Leela used to fling the ball at Sidda and he used to through it back. He even thrilled Leela by making her believe that the ball had touched the moon and come back. Sidda also showed Leela how the moon followed him. Other than this, Sidda used to tell Leela fascinating stories of animals, gods, princes, and pets in the castle which made Leela attracted to him.  She used to have a great thrill of being the teacher of Sidda. She would try her best to teach Sidda whatever she knew.  All these made Leela supremely happy.

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 8.     Briefly discuss the missing chain episode and its consequences.

Ans:  One evening Sidda went out to buy sugar and little Leela accompanied him.  When they returned from the grocery shop, Leela’s mother suddenly noticed that the golden chain which Leela had been wearing around her neck was missing. Being angry at Leela, she slapped her and asked about it. She then called Sidda on suspicion and blamed him for the missing gold-chain.  Sidda defended himself feebly but escaped from the house silently. At this Mr and Mrs Sivasanker were convinced that it was Sidda who had stolen Leela’s chain. Without wasting time Mr Shivasanker immediately lodged a complaint against Sidda in the Police Station form which he came to know that Sidda had been in jail several times for stealing jewellery form children. But the loss of the golden chain did not matter to Leela. She wanted Sidda back and blamed her mother for his disappearance. This the entire household was in a mess.

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