Karma Question and Answer | Class XI – WBCHSE | Set – 1

Karma’ by Khushwant Sigh is of a very popular short story. It has been taken in the syllabus of Class XI, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Students from WBCHSE board often find it essayer to attempt questions final examination. In this article, we are going to discuss some very important Descriptive type question answer from ‘Karma’. Our priority is to provide unique and to the point Question Answer from ‘Karma’. This may work as a score booster for your upcoming examination. We provide this absolutely free with the downloadable free  PDF file. 

 1.     Compare Sir Mohan Lal’s character with Lady Lal, especially in the way they conduct themselves at the railway station.
Ans:  Khushwant Singh, in his short story ‘Karma’ has presented tow main characters exactly the opposite to each other. Sir Mohan Lal is a distinguished, sophisticated and proud gentleman. But Lachmi is a fat Indian woman. Sir Mohan Lal usually wears Saville row suits, whereas Lachmi wears a dirty white sari with a red border and golden ornaments. Even in their food habits, they are completely different.  While Mohan Lal is busy sipping his scotch and thinking about his days in Oxford, Lady Lal is eating chapattis and mango pickle. Therefore one can realize that by making a contrast between the two characters of Sir Mohan Lal and Lachlmi our author has brought out the difference between England and India.

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 2.   Describe the character of Sir Mohan Lal as presented in the short story ‘Karma’.
Ans:  Sir Mohan Lal is one of the two main characters of Khushwant Singh’s short story ‘Karma’. He has been presented as a distinguished, sophisticated, and proud gentleman. At his first appearance, Sir Mohan Lal is standing in front of an old mirror of the first-class waiting room at the Railway station. He is a vizier and a barrister by profession. Mohan Lal is always dressed well in neatly trimmed moustache and stylish suits. Mohan Lal uses perfume scented soap and talcum powder. The most prominent feature of his character is his liking for English ways and manners and his hatred for all Indian things. He hates India so much that he even does not like his own wife. He has a tendency of getting the attention of some British officers and for that, he carries a renowned newspaper name ‘The Time’. Thus one can easily notice that Khushwant Singh has presented Mohan Lal as an arrogant and proud man.

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