SAQ The Eyes Have It | Class XII English | WBCHSE

The most suggestive short question-answer (SAQs) from  ‘The Eyes Have It’ that often comes in board examination especially in WBCHSE


 1.   What were the eyes of the narrator in “The Eyes Have It” sensitive to? [2017]
Ans:  The eyes of the narrator of “The Eyes Have It” were only sensitive to light and darkness.

 2.   At which station did the girl get into the train? [2015]
Ans:  The girl, who was the female protagonist of R. Bond’s short story “The Eyes Have It”, got into the train at Rohana.

 3.   Why did the narrator think that he had been in a dark corner?
Ans:  In a way of mockery, the narrator thought that he must have been in a dark corner as his voice startled the girl when he asked if she was going all the way to Dehra.

 4.   How did the narrator describe the girl’s voice?

Ans:  While chatting with the blind girl, the narrator was so mesmerized that he said that her voice had the sparkle of the mountain stream. 

 5.   Where was the narrator going to?

Ans:  The narrator was going to Dehra and then to Mussoorie.

 6.   What was the narrator trying to prevent the girl from?
Ans:  The narrator of the short story “The Eyes Have It” was trying to prevent the girl from knowing about his blindness.

 7.   Why was the narrator was thought to be lucky by the girl?
Ans:  As the girl, who was travelling in the same train with the narrator, had the wish to visit hills like that of Mussoorie and the narrator was going to Mussoorie, she thought that he was very lucky.

 8.   What could the narrator see in his mind’s eye?
Ans:  Though the narrator was completely blind at that time, he could see the telegraph post flashing by in his mind’s eye. 

 9.   “That always happens”- what, according to the speaker, always happens?
Ans:  Here the speaker is the blind girl, who was travelling with the narrator. According to her the trees always seem to be moving while the passengers in a train seem to be standing still during a train journey 

 10.   “That often happens” – what often happens?

Ans:  Here the speaker is the narrator himself. According to the narrator, people with good eyesight often fail to see what is right in front of them.

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