Leela’s Friend | Descriptive Question Answer | Class XI WBCHSE | Set-2

Leela’s Friend Question Answers

 3.   “He looked at her mutely, like an animal.” – Who looked at whom? Why was the person mute? How did Leela react after seeing the person?
Ans:  Sidda, the servant at Mr. Sivasanker’s house, looked at Leela, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sivasanker.

Sidda was mute because he was arrested for stealing Leela’s golden chain and brought to Mr. Sivasanker’s for identification by the police constable and an inspector.

When Sidda was brought back to the house Leela was overjoyed seeing him. Though everyone accused Sidda of the thief it was only Leela who wanted him to be free. She kept requesting the inspector to release him as she wanted to play with him. Leela clung to Sidda’s hand and cried out ‘Leave him here’. when she was told that he stole her golden chain, she replied to let him. It shows her unconditional love for Sidda.

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 4.   “She held a class for him.” – Who is ‘she’? Whom did she hold a class for? What was the result?
Ans:  Here ‘she’ refers to the five years old daughter, Leela, of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasankar.

At every dusk, Leela held a class for Sidda.

Every day at dusk, Leela used to take a class for Sidda. She had illustrated books, stumps of pencils, and a box of catalogs. She asked Sidda to sit on the floor and to copy whatever she wrote. But Sidda failed to do that. At that, she used to scold  Sidda and redoubled her effort to teach him. Sidda found it very difficult to continue the class and to avoid that he would make an excuse that her mother was calling her for dinner. It shows the emotional attachment of Leela towards their servant, Sidda. 



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