William Shakespeare’s Macbeth | Descriptive Question Answer | Class XI WBCHSE 2021

Macbeth Question and Answers

 1.   Sketch the character of Macbeth.

Ans:     In Shakespeare’s five-act-play “Macbeth”, Macbeth is presented as the greatest warrior in Duncan’s army and as the Thane of Glamis. He meets the three witches when he is returning after winning the battle against Norway. The Witches make prophecies about Macbeth that he will be the Thane of Cawdor and the King of Scotland. He is tempted to kill Duncan and be the King by these prophesies. It is also noteworthy that murdering Duncan makes him feel guilty but he soon overcomes this and commits murder one after another from Duncan to Macduff’s wife to achieve his ambition. Thus Macbeth, who is presented as the hero at the very beginning of the play turns into the villain of the same play. 

 2.   Give a brief account of the “Banquet Scene” in “Macbeth” 

   Ans:      The word ‘banquet’ means a celebration of something good. When Macbeth became the king by murdering Duncan, he arranged a banquet where all the chief thanes were invited. Banquo was also invited to that banquet. On the other hand, at the same Macbeth and his wife conspired to kill Banquo and his son as he did not want to lose his throne. As a consequence, at the banquet hall, Macbeth visualized Banquo’s ghost sitting on the chair which was reserved for him. This made Macbeth afraid and started behaving insanely but Lady Macbeth managed the situation. Thus the banquet scene has a very important role in revealing  Macbeth’s feeling of guilt. 

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