The Sick Rose Poem | Short Question Answer Set-2 | Class XI WBCHSE

We are providing a collection of the most common short answer type questions that often occur in board examinations, especially in WBCHSE. We have gone through possibly all books that are available in the market and have come up with three sets of important MCQs.


MCQ Type Question Answer



 11.  “The Sick Rose” represents a fall from the state of  –
(a)  innovation  (b)  purity  (c)  innocence (d)   experience

(c) innocence

 12.  To the ‘rose’ the ‘worm’ is  –
(a)  visible  (b)  notable  (c)  invisible (d)   audible

(c) invisible

 13.  ‘The howling storm’ empowers the  –
(a)  rose  (b)  nature  (c)  night (d)   worm

(d) worm

 14.  “The Sick Rose” is a/an  –
(a)  sonnet  (b)  elegy  (c)  lyric  (d)   blank verse

(c) lyric

 15.  The night when the worm comes to destroy the rose is  –
(a)  tranquil  (b)  stormy  (c)  rainy  (d)   chilly

(b) stormy

 16.  The rose seems to be sick  –
(a)  before the dark secret love  (b)  before she meets the invisible worm  (c)  after she encountered the howling night  (d)   after she had made dark secret love

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(d) after she had made dark secret love

 17.  The worm took shelter in the rose to –
(a)  make it brighter  (b)  woo its property  (c)  collect honey  (d)   make a prey of his passionate love

(d) make a prey of his passionate love

 18.  Blake uses the words ‘thou’ and ‘thy’ to mean respectively –
(a)  yours and you  (b)  you and yourself  (c)  your and you  (d)   you and your

(d) you and your


 19.  ‘Crimson’ means –
(a)  pink colour (b)  yellow colour  (c)  white colour  (d)   red colour

(d) red colour

 20.  ‘O Rose thou art sick’- Here ‘rose’ is a symbol of  –
(a)  love (b)  sickness  (c)  craziness  (d)   rejection

(a) love


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