Meeting at Night Questions and Answers SAQs Set-1 | Class XI WBCHSE

Meeting At Night Question And Answers for Class 11

Meeting at Night Questions and Answers: Here we have provided only the important short question answer from Meeting at Night. You can also download it in pdf for further study. It will surely help you to boost up your score in your final exam.

 1.   Why do the lovers meet at night?
Ans: The lovers meet at night because they want to keep their meeting secret.

 2.   What is the colour of the sea in “Meeting at Night”?
Ans:  The colour of the sea in “Meeting at Night” is grey.

 3.   How does Browning describe the moon in this poem?
Ans:  In the poem, “Meeting at Night”, the moon is described as ‘yellow half-moon’.

 4.   How are the firey ringlets formed?
Ans:  The firey ringlets are formed when the moonlight falls on the lea5ping waves and make it look bright and glistening.

 5.   Where does the boat slow down?
Ans:  The boat slows down in the slushy sand near the beach.

 6.   How long is the sea-scented beach?
Ans:  The sea-scented beach is one-mile long.

 7.   How many fields will the poet have to cross before a farm appears?
Ans:  The poet will have to cross three fields before a farm appears.

 8.   Where does the beloved of the speaker live?
Ans:  The beloved of the speaker lives in a farmhouse.

 9.   What does the speaker do immediately after he reaches the house in “Meeting at Night”?
Ans:  In the poem “Meeting at Night”, the speaker immediately taps on the windowpane when he reaches the house.

 10.   Why does the speaker tap on the windowpane?
Ans:  The speaker taps on the windowpane to inform his beloved that he has reached there.

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