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Leela’s Friend Question Answer

Leela’s Friend Question Answer: Here we have discussed Important Leela’s Friend Question Answer. Leela’s Friend is one of the most popular short stories by R.K. Narayan. Important 5 marks Question Answer from Leela’s Friend can help you to improve your score/marks in English subject. Our primary focus is to bring you ‘to the point’ Descriptive Question Answer from Leela’s Friend in very simple English.

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 1. “Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.” – Who was the speaker and whom was it spoken to? About whom was it said? How did the person, spoken to, react?

Ans: Leela, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker, is the speaker here.
Leela said this statement to her parents.

The above-mentioned request, made by Leela, was about Sidda who came to their house in search of a job.

When the Sivasanker family badly needed a servant, Sidda came to Mr Sivasanker asking for a job. But he could not decide what to do with Sidda so he called Leela’s mother. Still, they were confused to decide whether to keep Sidda or not. In that time Leela came and made this request to her parents. Since looking after Leela was one of their priorities among other jobs, they surrendered to the little one’s desire. Thus Sidda was appointed in the house to take care of Leela and do other domestic works.

 2. “How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?

Ans: As time passed on, Leela became more closer to Sidda. She started spending more time with him. Every evening at dusk, Leela used to take the class for SIdda where she used to be the teacher and Sidda, a student. She had a box full of catalogues, illustrated books, and stumps of pencils. She asked Sidda to have a pencil and a catalogue too. She would then command him to copy whatever she wrote. But Sidda failed to copy her. At this, she scolded Sidda and redoubled her effort to teach him.

Sidda found it very difficult to continue. He would then make an excuse and tell Leela that her mother was calling her for dinner. At this Leela immediately dropped her pencil and ran out of the classroom.

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