Daybreak | Short Question Answer | WBCHSE | Class XI

The most suggestive short question-answer (SAQs) from  ‘Daybreak’ that often comes in board examination especially in WBCHSE

 1.   Who announces daybreak in the poem “Daybreak”?
Ans:  The wind announces the daybreak in the poem “Daybreak”.

 2.   What does the title “Daybreak” signify?
Ans:  The title “Daybreak” signifies the arrival of a new day with new energy and enthusiasm.

 3.   From where did the wind come in the poem “Daybreak”?
Ans:  In the poem “Daybreak”, the wind came up from the sea.

 4.   What is the first thing, the wind does in this poem?

Ans:  The first thing that the wind does after coming up from the sea is that it requests the mists to make room form him.

 5.   What did the wind say to the mariners?

Ans:  The wind told the mariners to sail on because the night was over and the morning had approached.

 6.   What did the wind say to the forest in this poem?
Ans:  The wind told the forest to shout and hang all their leafy banners out.

 7.   What did the wind touch in the poem “Daybreak”?
Ans:  The wind touched the folded wings of ‘wood-bird’ in the poem “Daybreak”.

 8.   Why did the wind touch the wings of the wood-bird?
Ans:  The wind touched the wings of ‘wood-bird’ to inform it that a new day with new energy and enthusiasm has arrived. 

 9.   What does the wind ask the bird to do?
Ans:  The wind asks the bird to wake up and sing to welcome the new day.

 10.   What is a ‘chanticleer’?

Ans:  Here  ‘chanticleers’ means a domestic cock that calls out in the arrival of a day.

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