The Sick Rose Poem | MCQ Set-1 | Class XI WBCHSE

The Sick Rose Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

MCQ Type Question Answer



1. ‘Thou’ means –
(a)  he (b)  she  (c)  I  (d) you

(d) you

2.  The word ‘art’ means –
(a)  were (b)  her  (c)  are  (d)   you

(c) are

3.  The worm has made the rose –
(a)  pale (b)  sick  (c)  odourless  (d)   colourless

(b) sick

4.  The rose is widely accepted as a symbol of  –
(a)  love (b)  hate  (c)  sorrow  (d)   beaut

(a) love

 5.  To the rose the worm is  –
(a)  visible (b)  invisible  (c)  caring  (d)   loving

(b) invisible

 6.  The night when the worm comes to destroy is  –
(a)  rainy (b)  chilly  (c)  stormy  (d)   moonlit 

(c) stormy

 7.  “Has found out thy bed”- Here ‘thy’ refers to  –
(a)  the speaker (b)  worm  (c)  rose  (d)   butterfly

(c) rose

 8.  The invisible worm flies in the   –
(a)  morning  (b)  evening  (c)  night  (d)   afternoon 

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(c) night

 9.  ‘Crimson’ symbolises  –
(a)  destruction  (b)  joy  (c)  excitement  (d)   sadness

(b) joy

 10.  How does Blake present the worm  –
(a)  as evil  (b)  as a pest  (c)  as a passion lover (d)   as dark and turbulent

(a) as evil

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