Sonnet 18 | MCQ Set-1 | Class XII WBCHSE | 2019

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day (Sonnet 18): Multiple Choice Question Answers
MCQ Type Question Answer



1. Sonnet 18 is written in

(a)   iambic trimester    (b)    iambic tetrameter    (c)    iambic pentameter    (d)    iambic hexameter


(c) iambic pentameter


2. Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” follows the rhyme scheme of      
(a)   abba abba cde cde    (b)    abab cdcd efef gg    (c)    abcd abcd efef gg    (d)    abba ccdd eegf gg


(b) abab cdcd efef gg


3. Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” contains      
(a)   three quatrains and a couplet    (b)    two quatrains and three couplets    (c)    an octave and a sestet    (d)    one couplet and a fourteen-line stanza


(a) three quatrains and a couplet


4. Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” is addressed to      
(a)   Shakespeare’s wife   (b)    Queen Elizabeth    (c)    a young woman    (d)    a young man


(d) a young man


5. The wind that blows in the summer is      
(a)   hot   (b)    dry    (c)    rough    (d)    balmy


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c) rough


6. The ‘darling buds’ are shaken by the rough wind of      
(a)   May   (b)    March    (c)    June    (d)    July



(a) May


7. The phrase ‘summer’s lease’ suggests       
(a)   the span of heat   (b)    short-term of summer    (c)    beauty of the season    (d)    length of the season


(d) length of the season


8. “And summer’s lease hath all too short a date”   ― Here ‘date’ means     
(a)   a meek    (b)    a month     (c)    the beauty    (d)    duration


(d) duration


9. “Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines.”   ― Here ‘eye of heaven’ refers to     
(a)   the Mars    (b)    the Moon     (c)    the Sun    (d)    the Jupiter


(c) the Sun


10. The poet says that every ‘fair’   ―   
(a)   is a subject to change    (b)    can only diminish marginally     (c)    is the opposite of unfair    (d)    is not a subject to change  


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(a) is a subject to change


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