Daybreak | Descriptive Question Answer | WBCHSE | Class XI

Descriptive Question and Answers from the poem Daybreak

1Write down the substance of the poem “Daybreak”.                                         

Ans.⇒  ‘Daybreak’ by H.W. Longfellow is a nature-poem where the wind is personified as a vibrant and energetic character. As the title suggests, the poem describes the scene of dawn. The wind comes out of the sea and requests the mists to make room for him. It hails the ships and asks the mariners to move on. Then the wind hurries towards the land. First, it orders the trees to shout and to ‘banner out’ their leaves. Then it orders the wood birds to sing and the chanticleer to blow his clarion. Next, it whispers to the corn to welcome the ‘coming morn’. The wind then said to the belfry tower to announce the hour. Finally, it crosses the churchyard with a sigh and said to the deads not to wake up because it is not their time.

 2“It crosses the Churchyard with a sigh”, Who crosses the churchyard? Why did it sigh? What did the wind say while crossing the churchyard? Why did it say so?

Ans.⇒ ➤ The wind, personified in Longfellow’s poem ‘Daybreak’, crosses the churchyard.

           ➤ The wind sighs for those in the churchyard because they are dead.
           ➤ While crossing the churchyard, the wind says to the deads not to wake up because it is not their time yet.
           ➤ It says so because of Christian belief. According to the Bible, all dead people will rise at the end of the world, which is known as Judgement Day.

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