Meeting at Night Poem | MCQ Set-3 | Class XI WBCHSE | 2019

Multiple Choice Question from Meeting at Night

MCQ Type Question Answer



21. “And a voice less loud…”― Here the voice refers to the voice of 
(a)  the lover  (b)  the beloved (c)   the owner of the farm  (d)  the poet 

(b) the beloved

22. “As I gain…”―Here ‘gain’ means 
(a)  enjoy  (b)  win (c)   reach  (d)  possess 

(c) reach

23. The phrase “warm-scented beach” refers to 
(a)  the warmth of the land  (b)  the temperature of the might   (c)   the smell of salt  (d)  the warmth of anticipation

(d) the warmth of anticipation

24. The blue spurt comes of 
(a)  a matchbox  (b)  window pane   (c)   a candle  (d)  a tourch

(a) a matchbox


25. “Meeting at Night” is a  
(a)  war poem  (b)  adventure poem   (c)   love poem  (d)  religious pom

(c) love poem


26. In “Meeting at Night” the two heart beat in 
(a)  fear  (b)  wonder   (c)   sorrow  (d)  excitement

(d) excitement

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27. In “Meeting at Night” the expression ‘pushing prow’ refers to 
(a)  static sea  (b)  yellow half moon   (c)   moving boat  (d)  sea beach

(c) moving boat


28. Who is the speaker in the poem “Meeting at Night”? 
(a)  the poet  (b)  the persona   (c)   the farmer  (d)  an Englishman

(b) the persona


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