Meeting at Night Poem | MCQ Set-2 | Class XI WBCHSE | 2019

MCQ Type Question Answer



11. In “Meeting at Night” the ‘ringlet’ refers to   

(a)   curly (b) waves  (c) fire  (d) passion

(b) waves

12. The lover in “Meeting at Night” communicated through   

(a)   only one means (b) several means  (c) a loud voice  (d) a low voice

(d) a low voice

13. To reach the farmhouse, the speaker crosses   

(a)   one field   (b) two fields  (c) three fields  (d) four fields

(c) three fields

14. The speed of the boat is slowed down as    

(a)   it reaches the jetty   (b) hits an ice-berg  (c) enters slushy sand  (d) develops technical problem

(c) enters slushy sand

15. “And the startled little waves that leap”― The word ‘startled’ means    

(a)   surprised   (b) rejected (c) dejected  (d) awestruck

(a) surprised

16. The moon as described in “Meeting at Night” is     

(a)   blue   (b) green  (c) grey  (d) yellow

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17. “The grey sea and the long black land’ indicates that the meeting of the two lovers occurred in a    

(a) bleak natural environment   (b) pleasant natural setting  (c) dark night  (d) moonlit night

(d) moonlit night

18. In “Meeting at Night” the beach is    

(a) balmy   (b) sandy  (c) dry  (d) sea-scented

(d) sea-scented

19. The lover walks for 
(a)  one mile  (b)   two miles (c)   three miles  (d)  four miles 

(b) two miles

20. The lover crosses for three fields until he reaches  
(a)  a garden  (b)  the sea (c)   the moon  (d)  the farm appears 

(d) the farm appears

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