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WBCHSE      CLASS            XII



We are going to provide a list of the Most Suggestive Questions, which have the most chance to come in the Test Examination of Class XII 2018  West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education [WBCHSE].

Here is the List

1. The Eyes Have It
                                —— Ruskin Bond
(i)   “She was completely blind”- Explain the irony in the given line.
(ii) “Oh, how lucky you are”- Who is the speaker? Who is ‘you’ referred to here? Why is the person spoken to be called lucky?

(iii) “The voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream’- Who thinks so? Whose voice is referred to here? Why did the voice become so special?

(iv) “The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie”- Whose ‘reverie’ is mentioned here? Who is the man? What was the reverie about? How did it come to an end?

2. Strong Roots
                —— A P J Abdul Kalam

(i) “Our locality was predominantly Muslim”- Who is the speaker? How does the speaker describe the locality? What picture of communal harmony do you find in his description?

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(ii) “Why don’t you say this to people who come to you for help and advice”- Who asked this and to whom? Why do people come to the person spoken to?

(iii) What was routine for Abdul Kalam’s father even when he was in his last sixties? What did Abdul Kalam say about the emulation of his father?

(iv) Briefly describe Kalam’s childhood in your own words.

3. Thank You Ma’am
                —— Langston Hughes 

(i) Justify the title of the short story “Thank You Ma’am”.

(ii) Why did the boy in “Thank You Ma’am” not run away though he found the door open?

(iii) Scatch the character of Mrs. Jones.
4. Three Questions
                —— Leo Tolstoy 
(i) “You have already been answered”- Who is the speaker? How has Tsar already been answered? Explain the line.

(ii)  How did the Tsar nurse the wounded man?

(iii) What were the questions that had occurred to the Tsar? Why did he need the correct answers to those questions? What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned persons?


1. On Killing A Tree
                       —— Gieve Patel
(i) Justify the title if the poem “On Killing A tree”.

(ii) “It takes much time to kill a tree.” – Why does it take much time to kill a tree? How is the tree finally killed?

(iii) “And the strength of the tree exposed”- What is the strength of a tree? How has it been described by the poet? How is it exposed and for what?

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2. Asleep in the Valley
                          —— Arthur Rimbaud  
(i) Justify the title of the poem ” Asleep in the Valley”.

(ii) Discuss “Asleep in the Valley” as an anti-war poem.

(iii) ” A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed”- Who is the ‘soldier’ referred to here? Describe how the soldier lies in the valley.

(iv) Give the substance of the poem “Asleep in the Valley”.

3. Shall I Compare Thee
                          —— William Shakespeare         

(i) How does Shakespeare immortalize his friend’s beauty?

(ii) “But thy eternal summer shall not fade / Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st”- Whose ‘eternal summer’ is being referred to here? What does the term ‘eternal summer’ mean? What conclusion does the poet draw at the end of the poem?

(iii) How is summer presented in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18?
(iv) and this gives life to thee”- What does ‘this’ refer to? Who is referred to by ‘thee’? How does give life?

4. The Poetry of Earth
                            —— John Keats  
(i) What does Keats mean by “The Poetry of Earth”? Why does he say poetry of earth never is dead?

(ii) What picture of summer is presented in “The Poetry of Earth”? How has it been carried to a picture of winter?

(iii) Justify the title of the poem ” The Poetry of Earth”.

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