MCQ Type Questions Answers From On Killing A Tree

MCQ Type Question Answer


11. The root needs to be pulled out of –
(a) firm soil  (b) anchoring earth (c) underground  (d)  firm earth

(b) anchoring earth

12. “In miniature bough” – The word  ‘bough’ means-
(a) shoots  (b) roots (c) frost  (d)  rain

(a) shoots

13. According to the poet, the strength lies in its –
(a) stem  (b) roots (c) leaves  (d)  branch

(b) roots

14. The root of a tree is said to be its   –
(a) most sensitive part  (b) most hidden part (c) most secret part  (d)  most prized part

(a) most sensitive part

15. A tree feeds   –
(a) on manure  (b) on other plants (c) from air  (d)  on earth’s crust

(d) on eart’s crust

16. The strength of a tree is exposed when   –
(a) it is cut down  (b) it is hacked and chopped (c) it is pulled out  (d)  it is roped

(c) it is pulled out

17. The bark of a tree bleeds when it is   –
(a) jabbed  (b) hacked and chopped (c) browned and hardened  (d)  roped and tied

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(b) hacked and chopped

18. The curled green twigs appear   –
(a) close to the ground  (b) at the top of a tree (c) on the hacked branches  (d)  on the wounds after chopping

(a) close to the ground

19. What lies hidden for years?   –
(a) curled green twigs  (b) leprous hide (c) white and wet source  (d)  miniature boughs

(c) white and wet source

19. The poet has indirectly compared the root of a tree with  –
(a) a rope  (b) a leper’s skin (c) a cave  (d)  an anchor

(d) an anchor

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