MCQ Type Questions Answers From On Killing A Tree

MCQ Type Question Answer


1. The Poet of  ” On Killing A Tree” is –
(a) R.K. Narayanan  (b) Wordsworth  (c) Gieve Patel  (d) Aruna Mishra

(c) Gieve Patel

2. To kill a tree  –
(a) takes less time  (b) is not easy  (c) is a right thing  (d) is almost impossible

(b) is not eassy

3. “Not a simple jab of knife
      Will do it” – Here jab means –
(a) pull  (b) push  (c) stab (d) grab

(c) stab

4. The tree grows by consuming –
(a) water sprinkled (b) the earth  (c) crust (d) food prepared by men

(b) the earth

5. ‘Leprous hide’ means  –
(a) leprous skin (b) diseased skin  (c) smooth bark of tree (d) rough bark of tree

(d) rough bark of tree

6. The bark of a tree has been described as “leprous’ because  –
(a) it is soft and smooth (b) it is wounded by the knife  (c) it is rough and has mark (d) it is glossy and shining

(c) it is rough and has mark

7. “But this alone won’t do it” – Here the word ‘this’ refers to   –
(a) burning (b) twisting  (c) hacking and chopping (d) withering

(c) hacking and chopping

8. “Sprouting leaves…” – Here the word ‘sprouting’ means 
(a) killing (b) growing  (c) curled (d) nursing

(b) growing

9. What will rise from close to the ground?  
(a) green twigs (b) new leaves  (c) sprouting leaves (d) new roots

(a) green twigs

10. By ‘the strength of the tree’- the poet refers to its  
(a) green twigs (b) new leaves  (c) rough bark (d) roots

(d) roots

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