On Killing a Tree Question Answer- MCQs

On Killing a Tree Question Answer

On Killing a Tree Question Answer: Here we have discussed only the most important mcq questions from the poem On Killing A Tree. This will surely help you to boost your score in your upcoming exam.

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21. In the expression ‘leprous hide’, the hide’ means
(a) to conceal something  (b) to keep secret  (c) the bark of a tree  (d) a disease

(b) to keep secret

22. ‘Rising out of it,  feeding upon its crust’- Here ‘crust’ refers to –
(a) the upper layer of the root  (b) rough bark of a tree  (c) watery surface  (d) top layer of earth

(d) the top layer of earth

23. The tree is finally killed by –
(a) the destruction of the root  (b) cutting it down  (c) the jab of a knife  (d) hacking and chopping

(a) the destruction of the root

24. The ‘miniature boughs’ will regain its former size if it is left –
(a) unhurt  (b) unhacked  (c) unchecked  (d) unperturbed

25. What is formed in the earth when a tree is uprooted?-
(a) a pond  (b) an anchor  (c) an earth cave  (d) a hollow space for a new tree

(c) an earth cave

26. Hacking and chopping can cause a tree-
(a) much pain  (b) little pain  (c) not so much pain  (d) little pain

(a) much pain

27. The first step to finally uproot a tree to-
(a) snap it out  (b) pull it out  (c) tie a rope  (d) dig the earth

(c) tie a rope

28. The tree is too hard to be destroyed with  –
(a) a sudden pull of the rope  (b) a simple blow of the knife  (c) the destruction of leaves and branches  (d) the severance of  the bank

(b) a simple blow of knife

29. ‘Earth cave’ is created when the tree is –
(a) hacked  (b) planted  (c) chopped  (d) uprooted

(d) uprooted

30. The title ‘On Killing a Tree’ establishes –
(a) farce  (b) irony  (c) achievement  (d) ceremonial mood

(b) irony

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