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Descriptive Question and Answers from On Killing A Tree poem

1. Justify the title of the poemOn Killing a Tree

Ans.⇒   ‘On Killing a Tree’ is a satirical poem that expresses the poet’s anger against deforestation, an act of killing a tree by the human being. At the very beginning, the poet ironically tells us that only a simple jab of knife cannot kill a tree as it takes much time to kill a tree. He then himself suggests hacking and chopping it to kill it. But the poet again says that this act is also not enough for killing a
tree. He then narrates a series of ruthless acts with which includes uprooting entirely, exposing the roots, scorching and choking in the sun, browning, hardening,  twisting and withering. The title ‘On Killing a Tree’ completely conveys the satirical tone of the poet. Thus the title quite befitting for the poem.

2. How can a tree be killed in On Killing a Tree‘?

Ans.⇒   In ‘On Killing a Tree’ the poet says that a tree cannot be killed only by a simple jab of a knife or by hacking and chopping. It can not also be done by that much pain that a tree gets by the act of hacking and chopping. He then says that to kill a tree its root needs to be pulled out entirely from the anchoring earth. Once it is uprooted the root is left open in sun and air for scorching and choking. And only then the tree will be killed.

3. And then it is done”.- What is done? When is it done? How is it done?

Ans.⇒   ♦  The act of killing a tree is done or completed.

  It is done when the root is pulled out from the earth and is exposed to sun and air until it dries up and turns brown.
  A tree cannot be killed only by a simple jab of a knife or by hacking and chopping. Because the tree can overcome these ruthless attacks of men and its bleeding bark will heal again. So to kill a tree it needs to be tied with rope and uprooted entirely from the earth. Then the root is left to dry in sunlight and air. This is how the act of killing a tree is done.
4. And the strength of a tree exposed”.- What is the ‘strength of a tree’? How is it described by the poet? How is it exposed and for what purpose?
Ans.⇒     In Gieve Patel’s satirical poem ‘On Killing a Tree’, the root is described as the ‘strength of a tree’. 
  In ‘ On Killing a Tree’ the root has been presented as the strength of a tree. It has been described as the most sensitive part of a tree. It looks ‘white’ as it lies hidden under the earth for years and ‘wet’ because it absorbs water from the earth.
   The root lies hidden under the earth for years. To kill a tree the root needs to be pulled out from it and to do that the tree needs to be tied with rope and pulled out entirely or snapped out. This needs to be done to kill a tree.

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